An introduction to chronic bronchitis

Other symptoms of bronchitis are similar to those of other infections, such as the common cold or sinusitisand may include: Risk factors include age, ethnicity, existing conditions, and other factors.

They should then breathe out slowly and gently through slightly pursed lips, as if going to kiss someone, while counting to four. Most of these are adults over the age of The cough tends to be worse in the morning, since mucus accumulates in the airways during sleep.


Individuals suffering from chronic bronchitis are more susceptible to contracting other respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia or long-term bacterial infections in the lungs.

You will be asked to take a deep breath and blow into a device called a spirometer, which measures the volume of air in your lungs. If you want to buy cough medicine, then there is an excellent selection online with thousands of customer reviews.

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Chronic bronchitis and emphysema comparison essay

However, they have harmful side-effects when used long-term and physicians will weigh many factors before recommending them. They lead to smaller and smaller airways inside your lungs, known as bronchioles.

People with chronic bronchitis have varying degrees of breathing difficulties, and symptoms may get better and worse during different parts of the year. A Cochrane review found no good evidence for or against the effectiveness of over-the-counter cough medicines. The Lung Institute's website may contain links to information at other websites.

Acute or chronic bronchitis cannot always be prevented. Causes A range of different factors may cause acute or chronic bronchitis. It is common for the symptoms of chronic bronchitis to get worse two or more times every year, and they are often worse during the winter months. Your body tries to shift this extra mucus through coughing.

Treatment Introduction Bronchitis is an infection of the main airways of the lungs bronchicausing them to become irritated and inflamed. The presence of yellow-green sputum is a sign of a secondary infection, often from a virus such as influenza.

Living close to a diesel-burning power plant has also been associated with a 62 percent increase in the risk of chronic bronchitis. In addition, an ordinary x-ray may be used. When consumed as food or supplements, they are thought to maintain or restore beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

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The symptoms of acute bronchitis usually clear up after a few weeks without causing permanent damage to the bronchial tubes. For most cases of acute bronchitis, the condition will pass within a few weeks. To keep bronchitis symptoms under control and relieve symptoms, doctors might prescribe: Note the scales used for females and males differ.

It is not recommended to give infants up to 12 months of age honey due to the risk of infant botulism. What Is Chronic Bronchitis?

Bronchitis: Asthma Essay

Acute bronchitis Acute bronchitis is a shorter illness that commonly follows a cold or viral infection, such as the flu. Treating acute bronchitis According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDCantibiotics are not used to treat acute bronchitis because it is caused by a virus, and antibiotics only work against bacterial infections.

In advanced cases, especially when accompanied by a secondary infection, sleep may be disrupted. Chronic bronchitis is an ongoing illness.


This infection causes the air sacs within the lungs alveoli to fill with fluid. The symptoms of chronic bronchitis may be mild or severe.Chronic Bronchitis Chronic bronchitis is the inflammation and irritation of the passage airways in the lung.

Chronic bronchitis is known as one of the two forms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which can be very Office Management of Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema NORMAN G. G. HEPPER, M.D. ROBERT E. HYATT, M.D.

In an introduction to a discussion of the management of chronic bronchitis and emphysema,* it seems appropriate to attempt to define the magnitude of  · Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are older terms used for different types of COPD.

The term "chronic bronchitis" is still used to define a productive cough that is present for at least three months each year for two years.

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Tobacco Get the CD, Book or Download the Glossary. English Glossary of Causes of Death and other Archaic Medical Terms. · Bronchitis: Introduction. Bronchitis is a general term for two diseases that cause swelling and irritation (inflammation) of the lower airways of the lungs called the bronchi and the  · Designing Future Clinical Trials for Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Bronchitis M.

MIRAVITLLES Introduction To some extent, chronic bronchitis can be considered an orphan

An introduction to chronic bronchitis
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