Concentric lines and grid circles

Take the next mark after your starting point and connect it to the mark that is two beyond the ending point of the last mark. To finish the "kardioedides," simply repeat the steps for the left side, and your heart is complete!

The term, first used in by Giovanni de Castillon in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society,originates from the Greek word for "heart. Now let us examine the other side of the coin, a situation where compassion obviously comes first.


With all these examples, I wanted the circles to all be the same width. Stop when you get to the line that connects to the point degrees from the starting point. Yet another ethical dilemma between duty and compassion. This hand dyed baby quilt is another example of concentric circles.

Thus, it could be argued that it would be in our own self-interest to be selfless, that being selfless could actually have a selfish motive, and that the entire argument about duty versus feelings is just one of selfishness concealed versus selfishness revealed.

I work my way around the quilt in circles until I hit an edge.

Overlapping circles grid

Let us say that you are a samurai, a Japanese warrior, sworn to give your life for your liege lord, and whose commands you are sworn to obey. The first example we can think of is you, as a samurai, have certain class obligations, both to your warrior status and to your feudal lord.

Concentric objects

To give an example, using the first case, if you felt extremely strongly that you should never kill a fellow human, it would be in your own self-interest to disobey the order from your liege, regardless of the consequences, or you would have to live with the overwhelming guilt for the rest of your life.

High medieval examples include the Cosmati pavements in Westminster Concentric lines and grid circles 13th century. On this one, I started my circles in a random off center point. I also made the marks at 90 degree intervals more visible; these will be important markers: You can certainly make them wider or different widths throughout.

The pattern has found a wide range of usage in popular culture, in fashionjewelrytattoos and decorative products.

For the circumradius-to-inradius ratio for various n, see Bicentric polygon Regular polygons. Coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable in which the combined neutral and earth core completely surrounds the live core s in system of concentric cylindrical shells.

Whether it is target diagram, circular maze or ripple effect diagram — concentric circles form the base for a whole range of diagrams. They would choose to die rather then to be found disloyal or in dereliction of duty, and these clashes between their duty and their human feelings, which they are taught also hold a place of utmost importance in their lives, have been a mainstay of Japanese tales and movies.

Geometric properties[ edit ] In the Euclidean planetwo circles that are concentric necessarily have different radii from each other. The resulting patterns however characteristically conceal the construction grid, presenting instead a design of interlaced strapwork.

When these sights are correctly aligned, the point of impact will be in the middle of the front sight circle. How to Design Your Own Playing Card Sculpture You can follow this same process only by counting by threes on the ending marks or fours and you will get more sharp points.

This squashed circle has two focal points, where "the sum of the distances to the foci is constant for every point on the curve. Keep going and you'll begin to see the curve take shape: Add a Cardioid Section Next, you will add a cardioid section, starting at the degree mark right of the heart's "point.

Looking a bit like op art. What do you do now? Thus, this principle of putting your own self-interest first would tell you to suppress your feelings.Tangent lines to circles form the subject of several theorems, and play an important role in many geometrical constructions and proofs.

Since the tangent line to a circle at a point P is perpendicular to the radius to that point, theorems involving tangent lines often involve radial lines and orthogonal circles. Concentric circles are extremely useful to create a whole range of business graphics.

Whether it is target diagram, circular maze or ripple effect diagram – concentric circles form the base for a. Concentric lines versus grid circles In this paper, we will describe the ethical dilemma between concentric line and grid circle thinking, in what I believe the Japanese warrior tradition, bushido, terms as the dilemma between “giri” and “ninjo”, or loosely translated, duty and compassion.

Let us first begin by describing examples of these ethical. Concentric circle charts always read from the inside, working outward. However, when drawing one in Word, it's much easier to work with if you draw it from the outside and work inward to ensure that all circles are visible -- this is because each circle you add to a chart is placed on its own layer on top of the circles you drew before it.

An overlapping circles grid is a geometric pattern of repeating, overlapping circles of equal radii in two-dimensional space. Commonly, The pattern can be extended outwards in concentric hexagonal rings of circles, as shown.

The first row shows rings of circles. I am trying to plot six concentric circles using meshgrid() and plot(). The circles' radii vary between and (with intervals of ).

1 Simple Trick to Create Concentric Circles Super Fast in PowerPoint

I am wondering whether the code below is sufficiently efficient and whether indeed it should be performed as delineated below.

Concentric lines and grid circles
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