Fca business plan

Going forward, understanding vulnerability will be part of the FCA's intervention framework rather than a separate process. The continued focus on scams and those engaged in unauthorised business through civil court action, coordination with other agencies and prevention.

There are six of these: More work on response to the CMA's recent review of retail banking.

FCA targets MiFID II compliance in latest business plan

Maturity of interest-only mortgages. Other key planned activities in retail banking include: FIsion Blog 18 April Balancing risk and opportunity, tackling vulnerability: Two of these will be of most interest to most people reading this — pensions and retirement income, and investment management.

The FCA is keen to ensure firms have robust processes that offer consumers access to advice and that they have access to appropriate information to enable them to make informed decisions including understanding the implications of not taking advice.

The AFM does not require consent from each investor before they are moved converted to identical - but cheaper - share classes in the same fund. This is the second time that the Sector Views have been published.

Concerns about people taking drawdown without advice. The FCA will report its findings towards the end of Customers may choose unsuitable products by focusing on headline price rather than on suitability.

Tackling financial crime, including fraud, scams and anti-money laundering to make the UK financial services sector a hostile place for criminals and a safe place for consumers.

2016 FCA Business Plan Update Details New Products, Revised Strategies

Anti-money laundering AML oversight to be scrutinised The FCA wishes to ensure that financial services in the UK remains a hostile environment for money launderers, and that law enforcement agencies and regulators use intelligence effectively to take early action that prevents money laundering.

From previous experience, the FCA notes that even where harm has already been caused, early detection and intervention is important in preventing its escalation. Among other things the FCA states that it will ensure that there is an appropriate transition to a future model for authorisation and supervision of EEA firms.

Clearly, in order to tackle these issues, the FCA itself needs to keep pace with developments in technology and has said that it intends to take steps to enhance its own capabilities to do so. The CMA's retail banking market investigation was limited to services provided to personal current account holders and SMEs.

Planned activities focusing on existing customers across the retail banking and lending sectors include: Pensions and retirement income Key issues highlighted by the FCA that impact on adviser firms include: The key message arising from the Mission is delivering public value. The FCA anticipates it will reach a view in the first half of and is keeping under review whether further change is needed to investment trust governance - but it is not planning to take action immediately.

Investment management Key issues highlighted by the FCA that impact on adviser firms include: The FCA seeks to use technology to help firms meet and understand their regulatory obligations RegTechwithout stifling innovation and impeding effective competition.

Section 5 Multilateral and bilateral systems Question 6: The repossession rate fell significantly over the same period. These sectors can expect the work that the FCA has undertaken around existing customers to continue and for there to be an ongoing assessment of competition in the Investment Management sector.FCA CEO Mike Manley said in an interview with Reuters that he is reconsidering a previously announced plan to move production of Ram heavy-duty pickups from a plant in Saltillo, Mexico, to the.

FCA publishes its Business Plan for 2018/19

The FCA’s business plan and the implications for you and your firm. April is a busy time for most firms, as their financial year end will coincide with the tax year end whilst working hard on their business plans for the coming year. Apr 05,  · Carmaker Fiat Chrysler said Wednesday it would revise its five-year business expansion plan after reporting a 40 percent drop in earnings last year due to a.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published its annual business plan for and on 9 April (Business Plan).The Business Plan sets out the FCA’s main areas of focus for the year ahead, which naturally include UK’s withdrawal from the EU (EU Withdrawal) and continues to include the FCA’s focus on agronumericus.comably, the EU Withdrawal will occupy the FCA’s resources going.

FCA Business Plan what this means for your firm | 3 The FCA has published its annual Business Plan, the finalised Mission document setting out its.

FCA Business Plan 2018/19

FCA Business Plan what this means for your firm | 3 The FCA has published its annual Business Plan, the finalised Mission document setting out its high level approach to regulation and, for the first time, its Sector Views.

It has done so against a backdrop of considerable change for the regulator and for the industry.

Fca business plan
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