Great writing prompts

Mobile phones are both a boon and a bane for high school students. Maybe it was a dip into a pool on a hot summer day, a drink of lemonade, or other situation that helped you relax and start again.

35 Great Writing Prompts for Your High School Classroom

Write about something that happened by chance in a positive way. On the one hand, it puts you in touch with the world, on the other, it discourages real face-to-face interaction. Five years from now, I will be Rewrite a fairy tale.

Why does it speak to you? Write about the experience. Write about a day you'd like to forget. Did you ever send away for something that turned out to be a disappointment?

There is a bizarre holiday for any date! Write about the thoughts you had while doodling or create something inspired by your finished doodle. Light at the End of the Tunnel: Listen to music with a strong rhythm or listen to drum loops.

What type of student would you like to teach and why? Is there a machine you feel you could not live without? What do you need to be happy? Write a tacky love poem that is so cheesy, it belongs on top of a pizza. What do you do when you need a pick me up? Take any poem or short story you find anywhere.

Describe the club you organized as a kid. What is your spirit animal? Did your mom or dad ever make you wear something you hated?

10 Best Creative Writing Prompts

What does your muse do to inspire you? Recall a time when you two shared a good laugh over something.

Return to top of page What follows below is a simple listing of prompts. Write about a disastrous trip or vacation. I am a windmill. Write about something you think is just adorable. Write about not being able to see ahead of you. Write about the anniversary of a special date.5 Ways to Come Up With Great Story Ideas Reinvent a scene from a book.

Take a very small, seemingly non-important scene from one of your favorite books and consider what it’d be like if that were the openingUse junk mail as inspiration. Invent a history for someone with whom you’ve lost touch.

Eavesdrop on a conversation. Find a writing prompt and run with it. Jan 12,  · 6 Websites with Great Writing Prompts. If you want to become a better writer, the best thing you can creative is practice writing every single humorous.

Need an idea to help you get started writing? You’ll find hundreds of fun writing prompts here – perfect for beginning a new novel or short story, or simply giving your writing muscle a workout. Writing prompts are useful because we know sometimes it can be hard to think of what to write about!

To help you brainstorm, we put together this list of creative writing prompts to. The best journal prompts kick your thoughts, and writing, into high gear. When you are stuck for an idea, try an inspirational journal prompt to clear away the cobwebs.

Oct 14,  · Depending on your current education level, you can use these 30 writing prompts to guide your writing practice. Another option is to take up this course on quality paragraph and essay writing. What can you learn from the examples of great leaders of the past?

7. You use the internet on an everyday basis. While the internet has a huge list Author: Kasia Mikoluk.

Great writing prompts
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