Literary analysis of the poem cassandra by louise bogan

In this mythological figure Bogan makes manifest the essential violence of her poetic.

Louise Bogan

Stanza 4 This stanza starts with the narrator taking the elevator up to a high floor with the insinuation being that they are going to jump off the sixteenth floor. The bell may not make a sound.

Life is Fine is a playful ditty about a man who is clearly suffering and contemplating suicide but is able to see the beauty in life and seemingly does a turn on his stance on life. Her art is that of a sculpture.

Critical Analysis of Famous Poems by Louise Bogan

But the poet also tries to give the positive aspect of Medusa. Many poems center on women or womanhood. Depression sufferers often report feeling listless and having a racing mind that makes isolating thoughts difficult. Her Kind by Anne Sexton Poems sometimes are created in one session, but most of the great ones, take many drafts.

C and Miss R return to the unresolved conflicts that imprison them. Of her own burden, she speaks of "the obscene nightmare" of wretched childhoods. Drinking to deal with the pain is a destructive road itself. She also mystified her family with frequent and lengthy disappearances.

In "Cassandra," Bogan shrieks her seer's truths through the potent voice of a woman twice disenfranchised: But the word high could signify a subtle double entendre here. Like Daphne, Cassandra is also Apollo's victim, her prophecies cursed by Apollo to be disbelieved.

The poet has moved beyond the classical values and virtues to a realm so resistant to description that it defies metaphor, where the familiar images of male and female no longer serve.

From the door the poet could see Medusa standing in the window, with still bare eyes and serpents on the forehead moving in the air staring at her. As the Bogans moved from one New England mill town to the next, May Bogan indulged in numerous extramarital affairs, which she flaunted.

An exquisite and scrupulous craftsman with a leaning to order, she had a natural tendency to respond to formal workmanship. Again we see a one line stanza repeating a pattern set with the first three stanzas and once again the content of this line follows the pattern repeating what had been said in the third line of the previous stanza, albeit in a paraphrased manner.

This poem address how we act and how we are perceived by ourselves and others. The Chicago Tribune described the book as "a delight.

Stanza 3 But it was Cold in that water! This is really a dirge and needs to proceed at a very slow march-like pace. Inshe married poet and bank researcher Raymond Holden, a charming, romantic wit.

Louise Bogan (1897-1970)

Auden, and Rainer Maria Rilke. Louise Bogan The scene will neither be bright nor dim. Two poems about men suggest the peculiar dangers of trying to avoid confrontation with passion. The mode is emblematic or quasi-allegorical, as it had been in "Stanza" "No longer burn the hands that seized"as if the poem were inscribed or engraved as a motto underneath a picture of the doomed Trojan prophetess.

Instead, her warnings might be likened to those of the oracle of Delphi, whose riddled prophecies often went unheeded because their complexity defied mortal interpretation.

The poem comes across as tongue-in-cheek.

Literary analysis of the poem cassandra by louise bogan

Anne Sexton was a sufferer of mental illness, taking up poetry at the age of 27 as a means of therapy after a serious emotional breakdown. The speaker addresses the man who has abandoned her in favor of another woman who, it is implied, will likewise love him in a sacrificial, even destructive way.

The punishment given to Medusa, earlier by Minerva was unjust. Her role is to create the poem as prophecy:Literary experts believe that Hughes was a closeted homosexual and that this informed some of his poems as he included hints to this in his poetry ala Walt Whitman, who incidentally Hughes cited as an influence on his own career.

Louise Bogan is one of the most accomplished American poets of the 20th century. Her subtle, restrained style was partially influenced by writers such as Rilke and Henry James, and partially by the English metaphysical poets such as George Herbert, John Donne, and Henry Vaughan, though she distanced herself from her intellectually rigorous.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the A literary analysis of the poetry by lawrence ferlinghetti.

Louise Bogan Analysis

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Elizabeth Frank "Cassandra" is an impassioned outburst by the woman who feels the terrible burden of her gift of poetic speech. The mode is emblematic or quasi-allegorical, as it had been in "Stanza" ("No longer burn the hands that seized"), as if the poe.

Sep 03,  · It’s the minimalism of it that makes this poem powerful – the collective wound of the subjection of women turned into ethereal stuff. I’ll let Bogan, from another myth-inspired poem, “Cassandra,” have the final word: I am the chosen no hand saves: The shrieking heaven lifted over men, Not the dumb earth, wherein they set their graves.

An extended, introductory article on Louise Bogan's career, includes list of her works and a secondary reading list, from the Poetry Foundation "Louise Bogan." Poetry Archive.

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Literary analysis of the poem cassandra by louise bogan
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