Overview of igloo ice cream bangladesh

You can do that efficiently and effectively when you have great people. Pricing Method Pricing method normally means the route taken in fixing the price.


He also suggested that it would not be a good idea for me to take a brand job without an MBA. When you understand your customers and their problems and offer relevant solutions, it works and that is what drives growth. The condition was that we have to do well in the training in order to go to the next level.

IGLOO - A World of Great Taste!!

Setting the Promotion Budget. We are a team of about people in operations. This is available in three different categories, i. Without understanding your customers, you can not build a business. Be sincere and passionate about your work. This is easy to handle and is highly used by different aged customer groups.

That said, competition is good as long as you are the leader and your business is not affected by the competition. Different seasonal fruits are used to make it more delicious.

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I was youngest among my 8 brothers and sisters. Middle and upper middle class craving for branded and premium branded ice creams. Growth mindset means you consider yourself as a product in progress instead of something fixed with almost no opportunity to grow. We have been working hard to make sure that we are always available and close to our customers.

You have to take care of the products at every stage of the value chain. Broadly, there are two types of challenges.

The first challenge for me was building a relationship of trust with my team. I evaluate the dimensions of the challenges. Our job is to find the best possible course of action within the limitation. Having said that, honesty and integrity have a different definition to me.

I had taken admission in March of one year and the class was scheduled to start in March next year.

Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

Vanilla and Mango flavor. At that time, I got tremendous support from one of my seniors at Nestle, Late Mr. Going forward, we are focusing on three areas: The product is available in two different flavors i.

Over the past two years, we have been able to build a solid teamwork culture which has helped us to grow the company. This often leads to interesting outcomes.

This is also available in vanilla, Strawberry and Mango flavor and with Ripple milliliters Cup. Growing up in a big family is a different experience and being the youngest in the family, I enjoyed all the privileges and love. Vanilla Strawberry This ice cream has only Vanilla and Toffee flavor.

Savoy Ice Cream Company identifies and profiles distinct groups of buyers who might prefer varying products. Savoy Ice Cream Company identifies and profiles distinct groups of buyers who might prefer varying products.The first branded ice cream, Igloo, was introduced in in the national region, which was later nationalized right after the liberation of Bangladesh.

Later during the. Apr 20,  · igloo ice cream festival bangladesh if you want to contact with me or want to send products for review or anybusiness inquirie contact me on this email. G M Kamrul Hassan is the Chief Executive Officer at IGLOO, the leading ice cream brand in the country.



Hassan has a diverse career spanning multiple industries. Prior to joining IGLOO, he worked at some of the leading multinationals and local conglomerates including Nestlé, New Zealand Dairy, Rahimafrooz, and PRAN-RFL in various important roles.

An overview of a Bangladeshi Marketing Organization (Abdul Monem Limited) Prepared for: AML is the authorized bottler for the Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite. AML manufactures Igloo ice-cream, a pioneer in ice cream industries in Bangladesh.

Started as a Construction Contractor in and later diversified to food sector Abdul Monem Limited. Igloo and Its ice cream Industry Overview Uploaded by Farhad Syed this document gives an overview of the ice cream industry of Bangladesh and with taking igloo as the the main.

Igloo is the pioneer ice cream brand in Bangladesh, having started its operation in in Chittagong. Later, with the expansion of market, a new factory was established in Shampur Industrial Area, in Dhaka to cater the market demand.

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Overview of igloo ice cream bangladesh
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