The impact of woodstock music festival on american culture

Woodstock 1969

That was part of the marketing and so on. And particularly with blacks, thisincredible fantasy of blacks as violent and super-alienated, thisPanther fantasy that the left had, I think has been extremelydestructive. Well, the way I think that myths get hatched in theUnited States is always a strange mixture of reality and imagination.

I would describe it a little differently. Woodstock was a accumulation of the frustrations of the time, and those frustrations brought the Vietnam war to an end.

As we prepare to invade Haiti. But it didn't really represent all of the '60s. Now, the people who talk aboutfamily values -- Dan Quayle, for instance, who's from my hometown, hehas an extended family.

Imean there's book called 'Woodstock Nation' that shows that 93percent of the counterculture were middle class. I would like to see them all, so many of them gomuch farther --environmentalism, for instance, which you mentioned.

I meanthey were very hung up on the idea of whether they could commitviolence, I think partly because they knew people their own age werefighting and dying in Vietnam and that was a problem for them; and itwas partly because of black movement, which they very much werecopying and emulating, was very much out of its nonviolent and intoits violent stage.

The '60s taught us that we canbuild an extended family and unify ourselves with music. As you said, it was politically useless. You mean for conservatives, to be againstWoodstock? I sort of come out ofthe political arena, and in fact I had -- during that Vietnam war, Ihad worked on President Johnson's staff, so we come from ratherdifferent backgrounds.

Yeah, but the -- I think it happened in the souls ofmany of us, and of course those are invisible. Hippies were not seen as radicals. Did these movements gotoo far? Such an extravagant event warranted the production of an academy award winning documentary of Woodstock and a number of popular Woodstock film and album releases.

He was not the guy MR. Did Woodstock change America? Their application for permits were denied to them when a group called the Concerned Citizens Committee obtained signatures of local residents who opposed the large numbers of drugs and hippies the festival would bring to the town.

And we have this example of a countrybeing able to go absolutely nuts in Germany.

Woodstock at 45: Beyond the myth

However, every year, locals have come up with ways to prevent people from gathering at Woodstock with childish pranks. He was a great man, he was a useful man for focusingattention on the outrages, many outrages, many injustices andnuttinesses in our society.

Woodstock has since been a household name and integrated into mainstream American living. Joining us to sort through the conflict and consensus are: Jim Miller, whatabout the Woodstock concert? What drove them home inAmerican culture was the marketing through rock and roll, among otherthings, through film, of a certain fantasy of freedom that to me hasconnections, say, with Randolph Borne [phonetic], early progressiveBohemians.

But why has this hung on as a symbol? And what happened is that gradually this was shorn of anypolitical context it might have had and entirely personalized andturned into the kind of transformation of cultural mores that youdescribe.

The way it went too far was that a lot of the radical politicalpart of the movement had fantasies about those people and neverreally understood them very well. And so we MR.Here is a brief overview of the legendary Woodstock festival and the impact it had on music, American culture, and the world.

Woodstock was the pop culture music event of the decade and arguably to this day the single most profound event in.

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Woodstock Music Festival took place near Woodstock New York on August 15, 16, and 17,and became a symbol of the s American counterculture. Woodstock began with the following four partners: Michael Lang, the manager of a rock band, Artie.

The Woodstock Music & Arts Festival was of local and regional significance because of the enormous impact, both immediate and lasting, the event had on the local and regional community. Originally an economic pursuit, the financiers of the event originally wanted a different site for the festival.

Woodstock is not just part of music history, but of U.S. history as well.” In fact, the historical importance of Woodstock transcends borders as well as history.

Woodstock was the pop culture music event of the decade and arguably to this day the single most profound event in the history of music. Acts from all around the world met at Max Yasgur ‘s Farm in Bethel, NY on Augustfor a celebration of peace and music. Woodstock was a three-day outdoor festival of peace, love, and music in the summer of in Bethel, New York.

But it was more than just a rock music festival; it symbolized the.

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The impact of woodstock music festival on american culture
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